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December 29, 2007

 Author; Ray “Virgil” Fairley

Author; Ray “Virgil” Fairley

VIRGIL BOOKS (VB), a newly established book publishing company; along with its affiliations/partnerships (My World My Way Enterprises/The 2ND Coming Publishing–T2C), is off the ground, and is diligently propelling forward in its personal quest to attain the title once held by the highly-acclaimed.., Holloway House Publishing.

VB, standing firm on its motto (“The New Urban Reading Experience!”) and its slogan (“Producing African-American Literature by African-American Writers/Authors”), comes out the gate strong; launching itself into the mainstream of the publishing industry, with two new releases by RAY “VIRGIL” FAIRLEY (Autobiography: Mackman! Forced Into The Game) & (Novel: “Iceman! Reap What You Sow”).


“ICEMAN! REAP WHAT YOU SOW”                                                                                  “MACKMAN! FORCED INTO THE GAME”


VB also takes solid shot at casting away any doubts of its existence in the mainstream of the publishing industry; proving that VB deserves to be considered as an aspiring, up and coming major book publisher. VB reinforcing the depth of its desired stature with an unconditional affiliation and partnering with T2C, and its debut release…, “Pimp: The 2ND Coming… Reflections of My Life, By Noble Dee.” 

VIRGIL BOOKS is a traditional book publisher on a mission to provide the opportunities that the great Holloway House provided for those unfortunate African-American authors whom were not looking for any handouts, only needed somebody to open up the doors–so they could write; get it their damn selves!

So, everybody.., looks like VB does have staying power and will be around.

GET THE COMPLETE STORY, LOGON… Oh yeah, you gotta see their exclusive photogalleries. Especially, all the photos in the books. The books are must read books with must see pictures.

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December 15, 2007

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